Check List


Yes No Don't Know
The company logo prominently placed above the fold and clicking it leads to the home page
Our logo looks like it was professionally made
Tag line makes our company purpose clear
The purpose of any page is easily understood within 5 seconds
Our site has a custome “404 Page Not Found” error page


Yes No Don't Know
Our site has easily identifiable links to popular content, company or contact information
main navigation is easily identifiable, above the fold, and consistenly placed on every page
navigation labels are clear, concise and use common terms like “Home” rather than “Start” and “Contact” rather than “Here We Are”
The number of buttons and links is reasonable for our site
All links and visited links are consistant and easy to identify


Yes No Don't Know
The main copy is concise and explanatory
The site search is easy to access
The site tells you how our company is going to solve your problems
All the major headings are clear and descriptive
Critical content is above the fold
PDF files are clearly identified with an icon
We study our log files to know what content is popular


Yes No Don't Know
Our site looks the same in the major browsers
styles and colors are consistant
emphasis, bold, etc, is used sparingly
ads and popups are used unobtrusively


Yes No Don't Know
The site load time is reasonable
The color contrast analyzer confims there is enough contrast between text and the background.
Font sizes and line spacing make text easy to read
Flash and add-ons are used sparingly

The Big Bads

Yes No Don't Know
Our site has lots of dead links
Our site breaks when visited with the Javascript turned off
Our site doesn’t adapt to the new wider screen sizes
We don’t test our site after upgrades to make sure everything still works
We didn't hire an editor to proofread spelling, grammar, capitalization and content.