Over time our clients have asked us a lot of questions which we have tried to answer. Sometimes it took a little resurch and 'googling' but so far we've gotten an answer or two that worked for them. Along the way we've found a lot of useful and interesting things.

Along with some of the more interesting questions we thought we'd provide some of the more interesting and useful sites that you will like.

If you have any questions about websites, web tools, or help with a troublesome "web thingee" please just drop us a line on our contact page and will do our best to find you an answer.

These may seem like geek resources, but then, we're geeks. If you need help with any of these, feel free to fill out our contact form. You'll be able to have the answer in able to have the answer in a handy form for future reference (unless your'te like some of us and you get so much email you can't find anuything over three month old.

How fast is my computer talking to the Internet?

Speedtest.net is a free broadband speed test with servers located all over the world. The server to test against is often a yellow pyramid. You can do this for fun, when you think you're communicating quickly. Save the number for a time when you think it's slow, and compare the numbers. The downside is that you may find you're talking to the local computer really really fast, but the computer you're trying to reach is really really slow.

Internet Speed Test

How fast is the Web going?

This is a graphic representation of the volume of traffic world wide. If you click on North America, you get further detail for that area. It's a bit technical, but you can always ask any of the kids in the area. Or you can ask us. The best way is to fill out our contact Form and we'll get back to you with an email. Then you'll have the answer as reference

Internet Traffic Report

Can I selectively block people from visiting my website?

Yes, you can. But it depends on what type of server you have. And how technical you are. You may find you can do this, or you can ask your website designer to set this up for you.

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What color is it, really?

A truly amazing color scheme generator. It's got a lot of bells and whistles, but if you want to know what color something is going to be on the web, this is a must see.

Color Wizard